Aberdeen Bach Choir, Monteverdi String Band and His Majestys Sagbuts and Cornetts in St Machar's Cathedral December 2014
Aberdeen Bach Choir Patron Emma Kirkby

Musical Director Peter Parfitt

Scottish Registered Charity No. SC008609

Aberdeen Bach Choir performs regularly in St Machar's Cathedral, Aberdeen. As well as works by J.S. Bach, the Choir, with over 100 voices, performs a wide variety of choral music from the 16th to the 21st Century.

Next rehearsal
Tuesday 4 October 2016 7:30-9:30 pm High Church Hilton

Patrem omnipotentem. Et resurrexit. Confiteor. Et expecto. Gloria and Credo complete movements.

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Andrew Fowler 2016 James Lobban Musicology Prizewinner

Andrew Fowler is the
2016 winner of the
James Lobban Prize for Musicology

Sunday 4 December 2016
St Machar's Cathedral 7:45 p.m.

J.S. Bach: Mass in B Minor

Elinor Rolfe-Johnson Soprano
Nicholas Spanos Counter Tenor
Nicholas Mulroy Tenor
Sam Evans Baritone

Aberdeen Bach Choir

Aberdeen Sinfonietta


Rehearsing on Sunday 2 December

Aberdeen Bach Choir with Monteverdi String Band and His Majestys Sagbuts and Cornetts December 2014

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